By Appointment Only

Appointments available Tuesday
through Saturday, 12pm – 5pm.
03 356 0163

Name *

Can I just walk in?
No, bookings are essential to ensure someone will be available and ready to serve you.

What should I bring?
A nude strapless bra is great if possible! Space is limited, so we ask you to bring only two friends. However, you are welcome to take photos to share with everyone interested afterwards.

How long is an appointment?
One hour is given for each fitting.

Where are you located?
Send us an email or phone us for the address once a booking has been made.

Is there an appointment fee?
No, they are completely free of charge.

How many gowns can I try on in one appointment?
As many as you like! You are free to use the time as you wish.

Should I bring my wedding shoes?
Only if you have already purchased them - most brides find it easier to buy shoes once they have chosen the gown. We have trial shoes available here for you to anticipate the complete ‘look’ of a gown with shoes.